OPLYSIS® – Intuitive drag&drop workspace for Process Chain Modelling, Cost Structure Calculation and Automated Identification of Cost and Time Drivers


Quick and reliable evaluation of production costs and capacities is essential to increase competitiveness.

OPLYSIS® demonstrates the latest method of intuitive modelling of production chains to improve Product,- Process- and Job Costing processes. OPLYSIS® delivers easy and powerful analysis tools for determination and optimization of technological/economical Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Model and analyse process chains in minutes and make faster decisions in product development, production, sales and procurement.

OPLYSIS® is a powerful software to

  • Support your production planning including pricing, new investments, resource and capacity planning or production performance
  • Screen your current production for hidden costs at any time with full flexibility and transparency with several analysis features
  • Simulate alternative production scenarios by exchanging single resources or whole processes within seconds
  • Standardize calculation methods by storing your process chain templates externally on your company’s devices or locally in your personal or your workgroup’s shared database

OPLYSIS® identifies cost and time drivers automatically even in complex process chains and thus profitability can be significantly increased.

  • Create, analyze and optimize your production processes quick.
  • Detect where you can save/gain time and money in optimizing your processes and production costs.
  • Link it easily with third-party calculation procedures and systems (ERP, Excel, MATLAB, .NET & Co).
  • Identify the costs of intermediates or an entire process chain.
  • Compare different manufacturing alternatives with each other.
  • Support economic decisions and pricing strategies
  • Visualize even highly complex manufacturing process chains.
  • Create scale-up scenarios by the touch of a button.
  • Evaluate cycle times, energy consumption and cost drivers.
  • Share information and calculation methods with your colleagues in real-time with the integrated Cloud-Database.
  • Customize it easily for your individual needs and create templates with the integrated dashboard.

OPLYSIS® is worldwide available in English, German, Spanish, Turkish, Russian, and can be ordered here (additional system-languages on request).

Identify parameters for process costing methods
Identify Key Performance Indicators of your production
job process costing
Support your decisions by the most intuitive way of cost engineering and increase your profit

Advantages of OPLYSIS®:

OPLYSIS® addresses all cross-industrial enterprises where processes can be optimized in terms of time and cost. This includes also all differently sized companies wanting to benefit from an easy to handle, affordable tool. The difference to traditional costing tools is the quick, simple and intuitive operability in a ‘what you see is what you get’ manner, while dealing with complex process chains and manufacturing processes. Traditionally, job-, process- and product costing accounting are supported by complex Excel-sheets or table-based calculation software. The high level of abstraction of these solutions leads to time-consuming modeling and high training effort for specialists. OPLYSIS® offers following advantages:

  • Ease and flexibilty of process modelling
  • Speed of process modelling/adjustment and cost calculation
  • Transparency of cost and time in complex process chains
  • Visualization of all cost and time parameters
  • Automated identification of cost and time drivers (integrated sensitivity analysis) and effects of scale up of production (integrated scale-up simulation)
  • Product, process and company size independent modelling system
price capability calculation
Concern all necessary parameters to calculate Key Performance Indicators of your production

How OPLYSIS® works:

OPLYSIS® uses latest software technology to enable branch, product and company size independent modelling and optimization of production costs. Its unique workspace supports an intuitive workflow. The drag&drop modelling guarantees maximum transparency during modelling, analyzing and optimizing. Due to the intuitive workflow, every user can benefit from modern techniques for economic and technological evaluation of production processes, independent from specialization in accounting methods. The open architecture facilitates full integration of existing EXCEL-calculation schemes into OPLYSIS®-models and connection to ERP-systems.

OPLYSIS® uses universal resources to model sequential and parallel processes, which are connected via drag&drop:

  • Tools
  • Operating Materials
  • Materials
  • Machine Costs
  • Machines
  • Workers

The resources are allocated to:

  • Process Steps
  • Processes
  • Process Chains
  • Production Facilities

The basic calculation results on process chain level are Invest per Year, Material Costs, Operating Costs, Output Capacity, Operating Time, Throughput Time, Cycle Time, Part Costs and Total Costs per Year.

After the initial modelling, several analyzing functionalities facilitate fast evaluation of cost-structures and optimization potentials, e.g.:

  • Fast benchmarking scenarios for comparison of different variants for production
  • Full-Cost Accounting
  • Scale-Up Analysis
  • Reference Part Comparison
Unique drag&drop-workspace of OPLYSIS for intuitive modeling and analysis
Unique drag&drop-workspace of OPLYSIS for intuitive modeling and analysis
scale-up sensitivity
Powerful analysis tools: charts; sensitivity analysis; scale-up analysis; reference scenario comparison
Real-time Excel-interface: Integrate individual calculation procedures as elements into your OPLYSIS-projects
Real-time Excel-interface: Integrate individual calculation procedures as elements into your OPLYSIS-projects
Standardize your calculation methods and provide company-wide access to all basic data and calculation themes via our cloud
Standardize your calculation methods and provide company-wide access to all basic data and calculation themes via our cloud



CONBILITY GmbH has been founded as spin-off of RWTH Aachen University, Europe´s leading Excellence University in the field of production technology.

We are specialised in solutions and products to support job-, process- and product costing for manufacturing processes.

Our branch independent software OPLYSIS® is the core-product to support our customers from the manufacturing industry, consulting and academia in fast and intuitive modeling and analyzing of production processes.

In addition to the software OPLYSIS®, we offer tailored services to analyse your production and evaluate your cost structures. Therefore, we collaborate with experts of RWTH Aachen for all services linked to engineering expertise and know-how in production technology:

  • On-site process modelling and cost calculation to determine the status-quo
  • Creation of benchmark scenarios for several process chain comparisons (also for evaluation in process design phase)
  • Evaluation and recommendations for action to optimise your production including market inquiries and development of technological solutions

Our network: Within the heart of Europe and the hot-spot of Production Technology

CONBILITY® is located in Aachen, Germany, at the border triangle of Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands. We´re using our strong network at the RWTH Campus, which is one of the biggest research landscapes in Europe for enterprises and research institutions.

The close connection and involvement in research and development projects guarantees continuous improvement of our products and to offer a wide range of services.


Our core-cooperation partner is the Aachen Center for integrative Lightweightproduction (AZL), which has been established to transfer the results of the Cluster of Excellence “Integrative Production Technology of High-Wage Countries”. AZL is specialized in the development and analysis of full-scale production chains for lightweight products. OPLYSIS® has been developed in close cooperation with AZL on basis of a joint-partner-project with 34 industrial partners[1], to fulfil the need for fast and easy modelling and comparison of a big number of alternative manufacturing processes.

Services & Products

CONBILITY offers all necessary services, to realize a fast implementation and effective usage of OPLYSIS at your enterprise. With our highly qualified exerts, we also support you with a broad range of consulting and advisory services to increase your profitability and support strategic decisions.

Services to support a fast introduction of OPLYSIS:

  • Software licenses of OPLYSIS (Single and Group license models available)
  • Technical support during license period
  • Implementation of customized resource databases (material, machines and more)
  • Implementation of customized process databases
  • Implementation of interfaces to existing enterprise software

Consulting and Advisory Services:

  • On-side process analysis and evaluation
  • Additional consultancy services to support investment decisions for resources or alternative production technologies/scenarios
  • Enquiry and provision of customized resource data (material, machines and more)
  • Enquiry and provision of customized process data


Please feel free to address questions or requests concerning Oplysis via email or phone. Just give us a call: +49 241 41204669 (Germany) or email us: info@conbility.com or use the form.


Katharina Bleck, M.Sc. (Manager Process Chain Rating and Optimisation)